Top 5 Places to Shop for Gifts


If you’re like me, you have saved almost all of your Christmas shopping for the 2 weeks before Christmas. Also if you’re even more like me, you’re broke! This is a round up of my top 5 favorite places to buy unique fun gifts for family and friends that don’t break the bank.

  1. Papersource – Check out their personalized planners!
  2. – The entire fucking site is perfect. Check out the gift section to help narrow it down.
  3. Leif – The apothecary section is to die for (inexpensive and unique)
  4. Anthropologie– I stick to the Home & Furniture section. They have fun books and mugs.
  5. Sephora / Ulta – I put both because it just depends which one you have points with. When in doubt everyone loves a gift card to one these places or face masks!

Etsy was a strong contender, but I took it out of the top 5 because sometimes shipping can take awhile which makes it an unideal choice for the last minute shopper.

If you’re looking for a super cheap gift, One year I bought mugs from Target, a bag of chocolates, and hot chocolate packets. Everyone loved getting a mug with a hot chocolate packet and little Godiva chocolates, and I loved only spending about $10 per person.

Let me know your favorite places to buy gifts or even better share your cute DIY gift ideas!