Late Night Thoughts – Love Yourself Challenge


The last few days, I’ve been thinking a lot about how us women are so mean to ourselves. Of course, I’ve listened to all my beautiful friends do this since we were probably 13, but I’ve also noticed it more while working in retail. Women are constantly coming out of the fitting room to show me the outfit they’ve created only to tell me how ugly they look in it or how it’s great if only this or that was different about them. Every single one of these women are stunning.

I must admit I’m so terrible about doing this as well. I go into a fitting room and just pick myself apart. I can’t even look in a mirror without analyzing my face (counting my blackheads or staring at my face mentally changing parts of it). I realized that I can’t even send Snapchats to my girlfriends where my face looks hideous in because it’s too hard for me to look at. So, I created a challenge for myself last week. I didn’t allow myself to look in a mirror without purpose. Obviously, I had to use a mirror to put on makeup or double check my outfit, but once I had a negative thought, I forced myself to look away and give myself a compliment. It sounds crazy, but it worked! I noticed that I was walking around with more confidence and felt more comfortable throughout the day.

I want to challenge everyone to try this for at least a day and comment your experience!