Woman Crush – Shirley Porter

Shirley Porter

My OG woman crush is my grandmother, Shirley Porter. My Grandma is the person who inspired me to travel. One of my fondest childhood memories is laying in front of her fire place looking at a photo album (remember those?) of her most recent trip. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve grown to appreciate and respect her tenacity, hard work, and the girl boss she truly is.

Her Story:

My grandma grew up in Helena Montana during the Great Depression. Her brother used to kill rattle snakes and sell the skin for boots and made the tail into a baby rattle (how fucking gross is that?). Anyways, she always dreamed of moving to a big city and becoming a business woman. At 18 she moved to Spokane Washington to pursue a degree in Accounting. Being a woman of the 1950’s, she was married and pregnant with my mom at age 19. She had 4 kids, was an accountant, and a perfect housewife/ party host all by the time she was my age. At her office she trained a man under her only to later discover that he was making double what she made (#wagegap) (still an issue today). This inspired her to leave and start her own business. The preschool, School For Little People was born! (Yes, I am aware this is not PC.) She has since sold the preschool, and retired. Well actually, talk about how she is hardworking… She retired for a month and then joined the Washington School Board to help accredit other preschools. She eventually retired from this for a hot second and then went back and worked for them again. Currently she is “retired”. However, she was the project manager on her church’s remodel, and does their accounting for them, and runs their senior plus program there. Whenever I am in town it is actually very hard to see my grandma because she has constant appointments, lunch dates, or is off traveling. Currently she is in Hawaii with her girlfriends.

Whenever I am feeling lazy or unmotivated, I remember that my grandma was superwoman and that I can have my cake and eat it too.