Dog Mom- Arya Update


I’m really just using this as an excuse to post pictures of my lovey!

Dog Mom Update:

Arya has been living under my roof now for 3 whole months! She definitely is quite the little terriest and has truly grown into her name sake Arya Stark (she’s tiny but fierce). If you are a GOT fan, I think you’d really appreciate her name even more knowing this little fact; she was born in Northern Washington in the middle of winter. – Okay geek moment over!

She has also become quite the little city pup; riding the bus, attending protests, and chilling at our local brewery.

While she does have quite a feisty disposition, she’s also a little sweetie. Everyone night she ‘little spoons’ me with her body under the covers and head on the pillow.

All in all we are still doing great and we’re excited for a summer of hiking!

Would love to see pics of your fur babies or any pup advice you may have below.

Late Night Thoughts – Love Yourself Challenge


The last few days, I’ve been thinking a lot about how us women are so mean to ourselves. Of course, I’ve listened to all my beautiful friends do this since we were probably 13, but I’ve also noticed it more while working in retail. Women are constantly coming out of the fitting room to show me the outfit they’ve created only to tell me how ugly they look in it or how it’s great if only this or that was different about them. Every single one of these women are stunning.

I must admit I’m so terrible about doing this as well. I go into a fitting room and just pick myself apart. I can’t even look in a mirror without analyzing my face (counting my blackheads or staring at my face mentally changing parts of it). I realized that I can’t even send Snapchats to my girlfriends where my face looks hideous in because it’s too hard for me to look at. So, I created a challenge for myself last week. I didn’t allow myself to look in a mirror without purpose. Obviously, I had to use a mirror to put on makeup or double check my outfit, but once I had a negative thought, I forced myself to look away and give myself a compliment. It sounds crazy, but it worked! I noticed that I was walking around with more confidence and felt more comfortable throughout the day.

I want to challenge everyone to try this for at least a day and comment your experience!

Late Night Thoughts – Dog Mom

Well I’ve checked off another bucket list to do. 2018 is the year I will be entering motherhood (well dog mom hood.) This is something I’ve been wanting to do for awhile. My mom and I adopted an 8 month old Chihuahua (below photos) when I was in high school. Of course since I was 16 and all over the place, Teddy bonded with my mom and is now my mom’s dog. As I’ve been growing up, I’ve been missing having a dog around as my side kick. For the last year and a half I have been researching breeds that would fit in with my lifestyle (plus techniques for working dog moms and training schedules.)  Well over the weekend my friend told me she has free jack russell terrier mix pups and I decided it was time to pull the trigger.  On January 14th I brought home the little babes (top photo.) It’s insane how much I already love her, and the responsibility of raising her.

A lot of my friends are getting married, having babies, buying homes, and I’m just over here getting my first solo puppy! It’s a crazy step into adulthood for me. I just finished traveling the world and now I’m signing up for a 15 year commitment. This little pup will probably first hand witness me achieve those milestones too. I promise to keep you guys updated on Arya. In the meantime, comment your puppy advice below!


Late Night Thoughts – Decision Making

This is where my mind is currently wondering at 2am instead of dreaming:

Making decisions as you get older seems to just be harder. I’m starting to feel as though I have a time limit and that every decision I am making from here on out is truly defining my life path. This is stressful for a person like me because I don’t have a grand life goal as it appears that so many other people my age do (crossing my fingers it just appears this way). Sometimes I wish I had this grand career goal (CFO of a fortune 500 company for example) so that every decision I made could be justified as getting me closer to that goal. However, I (and I am hoping I’m not alone on this) am moving between companies, trying new cities, and traveling hoping that something will stick and that I will love it. Deep down I know that this is just part of the life’s adventure and that most 25 year olds probably deal with this, but it doesn’t make me sleep any easier.

Asking for a friend! Comment if you feel the same way too 🙂