Dressing for Corporate America

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If you are like me when I first jumped into the corporate world, I had no money and no professional clothing. This is where I shopped to build up my wardrobe:


  1. The Loft
    • The loft is for obvious reason. It is all for young professional women, and if they are having a sale the pricing is great.
  2. Zara
    • I really like Zara to accessorize with. They have great jackets and tops that are your boring black skirt or pants trendy.
  3. Nordstrom Rack
    • Nordys is just simply the best, and the rack is perfect when you’re a broke bitch.
  4. H&M
    • They surprisingly have great professional clothing for cheap. I bought one outfit here for $50 and used it for all my interviews when I first graduated college and landed back in the states after traveling.
  5. Express
    • Not great clothing, but if you need something cheap just to get started with this is a great option.

I found the best way to begin my corporate wardrobe was to buy one black skirt and one pair of black pants. (No one can tell that you are re-wearing the same bottoms for your first 2 weeks, and if they do… They’re a douche!) Then you could slowly add fun tops, light jackets, and accessories from Zara and the Rack to your wardrobe. You only have to spend about $50 a paycheck, and you’ll be the best dressed in the office in no time!

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