Late Night Thoughts – Decision Making

This is where my mind is currently wondering at 2am instead of dreaming:

Making decisions as you get older seems to just be harder. I’m starting to feel as though I have a time limit and that every decision I am making from here on out is truly defining my life path. This is stressful for a person like me because I don’t have a grand life goal as it appears that so many other people my age do (crossing my fingers it just appears this way). Sometimes I wish I had this grand career goal (CFO of a fortune 500 company for example) so that every decision I made could be justified as getting me closer to that goal. However, I (and I am hoping I’m not alone on this) am moving between companies, trying new cities, and traveling hoping that something will stick and that I will love it. Deep down I know that this is just part of the life’s adventure and that most 25 year olds probably deal with this, but it doesn’t make me sleep any easier.

Asking for a friend! Comment if you feel the same way too 🙂

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