Travel Diaries – Granada, Nicaragua

Warning Granada is one of the more touristy destinations in Nicaragua, but don’t let that deter you from going. Granada is amazing with its beautiful architecture and bright colored buildings it was designed from the Instagram heavens. Even though you will hear cat calls every few steps you take as a woman, the people are generally very friendly. Many foreigners now call Granada home, which leaves tourists with lots of amazing shopping, food, and activities. I found myself in this city for 3 weeks and fell madly in love with it. I hope you will too!

Here is a round up of a few of my favorite places in Granada:


  • Café de Arte – great smoothies and coffee plus they have wifi and it’s a nice spot to hang out.
  • Kathy’s Waffle House – great spot for an American breakfast/ brunch.
  • Nectar – Holy Deliciousness! Everything on the menu is amazing! It’s a little spendy for Nica prices, but so worth it. Also they have $1 Taco Tuesday!
  • Street Food! – There is a woman who sells pupusas in the square in front of the church.
  • And more Street Food! – Another great spot is down Calle La Calzada take a left onto the street with the ice cream shop on the corner. Then in front of a Chinese restaurant there is a food cart with; rice, beans, plantanos, chicken, and everything yummy for about $2.
  • Those are just a few of my favorites. There are so many amazing restaurants in Granada you’ll just have to try them all.
  • You can also shop at the local market and make yourself dinner.


  • Airbnb – I saw a lot of adorable affordable apartments/ homes on the site when I was looking.
  • Mansion de Chocolate – I took Spanish lessons here and the hotel is beautiful. It has a wonderful pool and spa plus it is in a great location.
  • Hostal El Momento – If you are trying to stay on the cheaper side, this is also a great spot. The location is good and they have private rooms. I believe breakfast is included if you book online.


  • Treehouse – you have to shuttle up to it about 20 minutes outside of Granada (there is a shuttle bus that leaves every hour from one the hostels in town) and then hike up to the bar, but it is well worth it.
  • Reilly’s Tavern– Fun little bar with dancing and a ladies night
  • Calle La Calzada – walk down the street and have drinks at the various restaurants. Many of them have happy hour and outdoor seating.


  • Tour – Masaya Volcano Night Tour and a Tour of the Lake (to see the island homes)
  • Shopping – walk around downtown (a bit pricy for Nicaragua) or go to the Masaya Municipal Market (not the craft market)
  • Tanning – Hang by the lake or go to Apoyo Lagoon
  • Pool Day – At the Chocolate Museum
  • Yoga – drop in to a $5 yoga class at PURE
  • Volunteer- If you’re going to stay a couple weeks volunteer at La Esperanza (the school or after school program)
  • Learn Spanish – Take private lessons for 4hrs a day for 5 days for $100 with Spanish Dale!
  • Mani/ Pedi – treat yo’ self at Polish Nail Salon
  • Sunset Watching – head up into the church tower and watch the sunset over the city
  • Enjoy Ladies Night – Several bars have Ladies Nights where the ladies drink free from a certain time. There will be people walking around with flyers so there is no way you can miss it.

Please let me know if there is anything you think that I have left out! I would love to hear your advice on Granada.



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